Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Family Movie Night: The Woodcarver

We recently watched this movie, The Woodcarver, on a family movie night. It was produced by Faith & Family Films in 2012.  At 96 minutes long, it's just the right length. The neat thing about this movie is that the entire movie can be watched online at no charge, so it's great to share the message of it with others and direct them to the site, using it as an evangelistic tool.

In The Woodcarver, fifteen year old Matthew Stevenson, distraught over his parent's breakup, takes his anger out by vandalizing the church building that had, at one time, been the center of his family. Through an interesting twist of circumstances, he ends up temporarily living at the house of the old gentlemen who was the original carver of all the wood trim that he just ruined at the church.

Follow the plot as the old woodcarver teaches Matthew, and his parents, about life, following Jesus, and working hard. There are several surprising twists that we were not expecting, that intertwined the work and horrible attitude of Jack Stevenson's (Matthew's dad) with the restoration of the church.

I won't give away the surprise ending, but am happy to share that it shows the family successfully working through some major issues, while following the advice, "What Would Jesus Do?" and learning to ask that question before making decisions.

This movie is rated PG. The only reason I can think of is that there are some very vivid displays of the harsh reality of the family fighting.

Our entire family watched and enjoyed this movie greatly.

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