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Review: IndoctriNation the Movie

Our family is very interested in current events and how culture is affecting our nation. Because of homeschooling, we have the opportunity to explore many different educational interests. There has been a lot of public discussion about Common Core and our American system of education. There is also quite a bit of debate in Christian circles as to what Christianity's place should be in the public schools, because obviously God is not welcome in America's public schools in 2015.                                          
The movie IndoctriNation produced by Great Commission Films seeks to answer the question, "Should Christian families leave their children in public schools to be a light and witness of Jesus Christ, or should they withdraw from public schools in order to protect their children?"

What is IndoctriNation the Movie? This movie is a 102 minute documentary that follows a home school family around the country as they go on a road trip in an old school bus, interviewing students, teachers, principals, and educators all across America. Producer Colin Gunn keeps the movie moving along with his friendly mix of fact presentation and family fun.

Some very thought-provoking questions - IndoctriNation asks, "Do you want your children to belong to you or to the state?"

Remarkable research: The information in this movie is presented logically, systematically, and objectively. It is not opinions. Colin Gunn has thoroughly researched the origins of public education in America, and actually visits prominent sites of early American education. Included are actual photos and video footage as important research is presented.

A few highlights: IndoctriNation shows case after case to demonstrate how public education is training children to be a 'servant' of the state. Actual classroom footage shows a re-defining of values, where the outcome is already pre-determined by the curriculum. While teachers and school boards claim to promote tolerance, it is clear that no opposing voice is allowed during these value definition lessons, and disagreement is discouraged or even outright forbidden. IndoctriNation explains how humanism and relativism (where the student is encouraged to determine his own values by what he and his peers think is right) form the basis of many values-based lessons in our public schools.

Why is this so important? The political climate of our country is hurtling towards socialism. One needs only to study history to see that we are doomed to repeat failures of the past unless something changes drastically and soon.  You cannot make socialists out of individualists, because they think for themselves and will refuse to become 'interdependent' with everyone else in society. A socialist government cannot control independent, rational thinkers. After watching this movie and reviewing the research it held, one could draw the conclusion that state run public schools are actually discouraging independent thinking, and programming students to all think the same exact way - the way the curriculum directs them to. While there are good, moral teachers in public schools, often they are hampered by the constraints placed on them by their curriculum, the testing process, the school boards, their supervisors, and their unions.

What did we think? I was compelled by much of the research. I admittedly was shocked by some of the values curriculum that was taught in the classroom, particularly to the younger grades. Though I have experience as a former public school student, and as a youth worker that interacts with public school students, I found a greater understanding of why some things happen the way they do, and why some students respond the way they do. My husband, a youth pastor, stated that this movie gave him a greater and deeper understanding  of what he already believed. What I really liked about this movie is that it presented facts and allowed you to draw your own conclusion. While I admittedly came to the movie biased in favor of home schooling, knowing factual evidence is very helpful to reinforce that commitment and to bolster the conviction that the educational path we have chosen is indeed the best choice for our family.

How to purchase: The IndoctriNation DVD can be purchased in Spanish or English and is currently selling for $19.95. There is also a 372 page paperback book that chronicles the details of the journey and research that was done for the movie. Another option is to view IndoctriNation online through purchase or renting.

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