Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fun Historical Fiction for Kids


Today's post is brought to you by Kelly, a 4th grader, who would like to make a historical fiction book recommendation. This review of "Kate and the Spies" is completely written in her own words, and she hopes that young people who might be looking for a good book for their book reports would consider choosing this one!

                                                                                                                                                                          Kate and the Spies was written by JoAnn A. Grote. This Christian fiction book has 141 pages.      

      Kate and the Spies is about eleven-year-old Kate and her adventures in Boston during and after the Boston Tea Party. She is trying to figure out if she is a Patriot or Loyalist. Her family is Loyalist and her cousins are Patriots. Kate’s father and her Uncle Jack argue a lot because they both think that their own opinion is right. Colin, Kate and Susanna, Colin’s sister, were delivering medicine to the Redcoats and they met Lieutenant John Andrews, who was a very nice man. Uncle Jack was a printer. One day Lieutenant Rand, a mean officer, was yelling about what Uncle Jack had printed. LT. Rand almost drew his sword. A little while later the soldiers made the Boston men build a wall across the ‘Neck’ where Boston was getting its food and supplies. Later Kate and Colin become spies for the Patriots. They helped a Redcoat, who decided to be a deserter, sneak out of Boston before the start of the American Revolution.       

         My favorite part of this book is when Kate realizes that even though she is a little girl, she can still make herself useful. Also, when Colin and she overheard the British troops’ plans and are able to tell Mr. Paul Revere, who was then able to warn the city. I would recommend this book if you are a girl and like ‘on the edge of your seat’ stories about war.       

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