Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What To Do With Your Bible?

A year ago, I posted a challenge to Read Through The Bible In A Year.  Are there any readers that did it? Did you take up the challenge and dig into the Word of God this year?

If not...its ok. Today is a new day, and tomorrow starts a brand new year. I always encourage folks to jump in and pick up anywhere in a Bible reading plan. We need the Word of God more than we need daily food. It is vital to our survival in this crazy world in which we live. The Word of God is the only absolute that never changes, and makes sense. It is where we get the reasons and principles for WHY we do what we do. If we don't have a Biblical basis, we will end up changing according to our surroundings.

Why is it so important to have a plan for reading our Bible? Because we can get easily distracted with all the noise of daily living and modern technology, and quickly fall into bad habits of neglecting the things that are most important to us, even if we mean well!
Following a plan will build character in your life. While character is not essential to becoming a born again child of God, (God already did all the work for that - all we have to do is believe it and accept His gift), having good character is definitely helpful to live a life that will be pleasing to our God. Having character strengthens us to resist temptation and strive to live right, even on the days we might not feel like it.
Here are two more sets of Daily Bible Reading Schedules that I recently came across. Both of them have been graciously allowed free distribution from the people who created them, so rather than making them available here, I am simply including a link to the sites where they can be found.
The 52 Week Bible Reading Plan breaks the Bible down into small daily readings. It is for those who might not want to read through the Bible from beginning to end, but would be more interested in skipping around and mixing things up a bit. In a week, you will read portions of Scripture from the Epistles, the Law, Poetry, Prophecy, History, Psalms, and the Gospels.
A traditional daily Bible reading plan that starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation. It is written by weeks, not dates, so you can jump in anywhere and at any time.
Here is a link to a page of interesting and unique Bible reading plans that will allow you to choose any number of ways and time frames to read through and study your Bible.
What can we do with our Bible? Here is a list,  A-Z. I challenge you to make this list a part of your everyday life, and embrace and cherish the Word of God this year like never before!
Jeremiah 26:2, "Diminish not a WORD."
  • We need to accept God's Word;
  • We need to believe God’s Word;
  • We need to cherish God’s Word;
  • We need to depend on God’s Word;
  • We need to enjoy God’s Word;
  • We need to feed on God’s Word;
  • We need to grasp God’s Word;
  • We need to hear God’s Word;
  • We need to include God’s Word in our life;
  • We need to join with God’s Word;
  • We need to keep God’s Word;
  • We need to love God’s Word;
  • We need to memorize the Word of God;
  • We need to need God’s Word;
  • We need to obey God’ Word;
  • We need to preach God’s Word;
  • We need to quote God’s Word; 
  • We need to read God’s Word;
  • We need to study God’s Word;
  • We need to treasure God’s Word;
  • We need to understand God’s Word;
  • We need to value God’s Word;
  • We need to want God’s Word;
  • We need to examine God’s Word;
  • We need to yearn for God’s Word;  
  • We need to zip to God’s Word daily.

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  1. I just started a Bible in 365 days plan using my favorite chronological version of the Bible. I've done B90 a few times but have often slacked off after I finished. I'm hoping to build a real habit this year.

    1. I did chronological one year - it was really neat and very interesting! Personally I like using the "One Year Bible" where I get a little OT and NT everyday. I have always wanted to do B90 but have never tried it. It's on my bucket list! :-)


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