Monday, December 9, 2013

Apologia Anatomy & Physiology: Systems Review Game

As we continue on our journey of working through the various human body systems, I came across a recommendation for a website that has a free, interactive review system to help challenge students to memorize all the parts that make up our anatomy.

Anatomy Arcade has been providing lots of fun and challenging review, with games like "Poke-A-Muscle" and "Whack-A-Bone". Students compete against their own times, and cannot unlock new levels until lower levels have been mastered. Although we have not played every game on the website yet, all we have played so far have been very tastefully done and family friendly for children's eyes.

Although I don't own an iPad, the site touts iPad apps for many of their games as well, and best of all....did I mention they are free?

High scores are rewarded by allowing the student to record their initials on a high score board. Once you get started on a game, it is really hard to stop until you have reached mastery! So be prepared to set aside a little time for exploring the website and enjoying all it has to offer!

Graphic taken from the Anatomy Arcade website.
I think this game is a great help to anyone who is studying Anatomy & Physiology, and I am so glad we have been able to make it a part of our studies!

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