Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blog Year In Review: My Top Ten Posts of 2013

This was my first year blogging full time. I learned a lot and found it fun and rewarding, as well as challenging! My creativity and inspiration was definitely stretched to new levels, and it was interesting to learn many new things about computers as well!

Looking back over the past year, the many reviews I wrote, the recipes, and the fun projects we completed as a family in our homeschool, I went into the blog stats to see which posts were the most visited and shared. It was pretty interesting, and gave me some good insight as to what direction the blog should go in for 2014.

Here, in order of popularity, are my top ten posts of 2013!

1) Breakfast burritos - an easy recipe that can be made ahead and warmed up for busy mornings.

2) Quick Breakfast Sandwiches - another easy and quick breakfast recipe!

3) Review for Song School Spanish from Classical Academic Press. This was one of my first reviews, and was a product that we loved and still use nearly a year later.

4) My post about Free Lego plans that includes a link. I have used this link extensively - glad to see it has helped others as well.

5) We took a camera everywhere we went one day, and joined up with a blog cruise chronicling A Day In the Life of Our Homeschool.  It was just a typical day, so I found it amusing that so many people visited and enjoyed this post! The kids have been asking to do it again, so I guess we will have to make it point to put a few more of these 'real life' posts on! :-)

6) Another recipe - Christmas pretzels with an allergy free alternative.  This post is on track to make it to the very top of my list of 'most popular posts of all time'. It had only been up a few days before it went 'viral' on Pinterest. In just over a week, it has already made it to number 6 on my 'most visited posts' list.

7) A random breakfast recipe posting, that included homemade granola. But what really catapulted this post to the 'all time favorites' list was my notes on "the world's easiest way to cook bacon." Once again, thank you Pinterest!

8) Another photojournal - Youth Group Game Night.

9) Combination of a photojournal and a review: my review of Spanish For You. We had a lot of fun with this review, and I have chosen it as my top review of 2013.

10) How To Build A Flexible Spine - An Anatomy Project that we made when studying the spine. It was a quick and easy project, and made a cute blog post. (Note to self - making cute pinnable graphics makes my pins spread like wildfire on Pinterest)

So there you have it! I have my marching orders and some direction and goals for the blog for 2014. I will be focusing on adding allergy friendly recipes more often, as well as sprinkling some fun photo journal type stuff more frequently into the mix as well.

Thank you to all my readers and followers who helped build this blog from scratch over this past year!

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