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Review: When Calls The Heart

From the time I was a teenager, I have always enjoyed the writings of Janette Oke. I read the series of "When Calls The Heart" many years ago, and have fond memories of it. Once it was set to film, the girls and I have enjoyed watching it together. Poor dad gets really left out - he is completely outnumbered when it comes to selecting movie watching choices! He can frequently be overheard saying, "Not another chick flick!"

When the opportunity came to review this newer movie in the series, we were eager to watch it and give our opinions. I have previously reviewed a movie from and we discovered FishFlix to be a family-oriented, Christian company that sincerely cares about providing moral, educational, and Christian world view movies for families. For this review, we received When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family, an 88 minute long movie that is the third in a series of ten DVD's from Season two of this made-for-television show.

About This is a Christian, family owned online media source that seeks to provide quality Christian viewing materials for families. They have a very large variety of subject matter available and offer many opportunities for discounts, including free shipping for a purchase over $35. The site offers real reviews from other families who have purchased and watched the movies that are being sold.

Our experience with 'When Calls The Heart': I was at a slight disadvantage when watching this because I have not seen the other parts of this series. The story line is spread out over ten DVD's, so pulling out number three to watch left me trying to figure out relationships and history between the characters. My girls watched it together with me, and were able to pause the movie and bring me up to speed on most of it though.

The story line follows a young lady named Elizabeth, the Mountie, Jack, who clearly has strong feelings for her, and a few other characters living parallel lives. There are some endearing moments, such as when Elizabeth is caring for two small children and is able to calm the fears of one not knowing that Jack is watching and loving her all the more because of it. There is the adventure of Jack's duties as a law officer taking him into harm's way to deal with a counterfeiting ring. Basically, the movie highlights the strong emotions that life and relationships bring.

While we all enjoyed this movie, we did think it ended abruptly and awkwardly, and there seemed to be several scenes that didn't really fit the plot or story line. We had a hard time connecting the meaning of them into the whole story, but I also feel as though they might make more sense in the big picture of the entire series.

The movie was clean and moral, and had an old-fashioned Western feel to it, which we enjoyed. It wasn't completely free of kissing, but it did not have any swearing or violence, or things that would make me reject it for my family. I felt it was something we could sit and watch and enjoy together, and the girls enjoyed it quite a bit.

Age recommendation: This movie would be appropriate for all ages, but the story line would likely best be enjoyed by young teens to adults. My ten year old watched it and was able to follow along.

Final Thoughts: I am so thankful for a company like FishFlix that will make families and Christian values their priority and dedicate their entire product line to selling media that will enhance the values we are trying to teach our children. We will definitely be supporting this company more in the future and I hope you will too!

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