Easy Breakfast Ideas

In August, 2013, I participated in a Blog Hop that included 90 bloggers for 5 days! There were all kinds of tips for homeschooling and parenting in general.

My contribution to this really awesome resource was 5 days of easy breakfast ideas. I really believe in the value of a hearty and healthy breakfast, but often it's the busiest time of our day - trying to get everyone going on their tasks, whether it's leaving the house or starting school at the kitchen table!

I am putting all 5 days of my posts here in one spot. Please feel free to use them and share them!

Also - please note that all the recipes have allergy-friendly alternatives listed on the page as well!

Wednesday - Freezer Pancakes

Friday - Random Roundup
(includes yogurt toppings, homemade granola recipe, blueberry muffin recipe, gluten and dairy free muffin recipe, and the world's easiest way to cook bacon!)

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