Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Taking Back My Home Update

As you know if you are a blog follower, I embarked on a 34 Weeks of Clean Challenge at the beginning of this year. I was doing great keeping up with the weekly challenges, until Michele started 'meddling' (LOL) and put up some challenges that were just not doable for one week for me....especially when the weeks had different obstacles thrown in the mix that soaked up all my time and energy.

Here are a few of the challenges that I have missed...although not completely. I have worked on them some, and started trying to make a dent in them. 
  • Master Bath (yay! Don't have one to worry about!)
  • Master Closet (ugh...did remove a bunch of clothes and donated them, but haven't done a major emptying and sorting as of yet)
  • Master bedroom (this was doing ok. I purged some things and had it nice. Then suitcases came back from a trip and now it needs attention again).
  • Arts & Crafts (this is one of those areas that just cannot have a little attention. It kind of needs a major overhaul between my stuff and all the kids' stuff. This one is purposely being put off until school is over for this school year).
  • Pictures & Scrapbook (Too scary to even approach at this time in my life! I think we will leave these safely packed away until the day that I can invest a week or two in it with undivided attention. I have managed to organize all my digital pictures nicely though!)
  • Family Room and DVD's. (While the family room still needs attention, we did sort through the DVD's and were able to get rid of a bunch that the kids have outgrown. Now all our DVD's fit nicely into the storage space we have for them, so that's progress)
  • Bathrooms (A work in progress - but not too bad overall. I could probably knock this challenge out completely until finished in just a day or two. I did complete the cleaning challenges for this one, including washing the shower curtain and toothbrush holders, but would like to completely organize everyone's gear, which will take a little more effort)
  • Entryway (A challenge that I completed with a nice cleanup of our high traffic side door that we use daily. All that it is waiting for is a purchase of a new "mud rug" for the floor and it will be complete.)
So as you can see, I wasn't a total slacker, but I am trying to be flexible and just roll with life as it comes.  I take my role as a mom very seriously, and when family needs attention, I have learned to put up with a little disorganization to meet the need at hand. Hopefully I can keep working at obtaining a good balance, and continue to get my home in order as well. It's a work in progress, and I try to keep a light heart about it and just keep trying, even when it's not what I would like it to be.

So here's a few of the things I have been working on that have kept me busy these past two months:
  • Finishing our 2014-2015 school year strong! And planning a graduation party for my graduating senior. 
  • Part of the family went on a missions trip to Mexico.
  • Helping in our family business.
  • College planning. I have been playing the role of full time guidance counselor lately!
I have also been sorting through old curriculum, getting it ready to sell, and planning next year for my two children that will be homeschooling. I have been able to sell quite a bit, make some money towards next year's purchases, and clear out some clutter in the process, which has been wonderful.

We also have a ton of fun and interesting review products for The Old Schoolhouse that we are working on. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews in Math, Latin, reading materials for Moms, and piano. There are a few products that we reviewed that we are continuing with, even though the review period is over, especially ARTistic Pursuits, which Kelly and I are doing together.

I linked up with Michele's 34 Weeks of Clean Challenge to keep it real and get myself back in the habit. Hopefully my story will be an encouragement to someone else who hasn't been able to keep up with every week. 

Maybe you haven't reached mastery, but you can still strive for success in the little areas! 

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  1. I am back meddling- ;)! You may think you have not kept up, but Erica, you have gotten so much done! This is a great encouragement to others- sharing! Thank you for linking up!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Michele! It's been great to read everyone's progress and be inspired to stay motivated.

  2. It looks like you've gotten quite a bit done. I work toward success in the little areas, more than the big picture.


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