Monday, October 28, 2013

Apologia Anatomy & Physiology Unit Two: Bone Snacks

As we worked through Apologia A & P Unit two, which was all about the skeletal system, I created a fun snack to go along with our studies!

Bone Snacks
First I rounded up stick pretzels, mini marshmallows, and white chocolate chips.

Next I stuck mini marshmallows on the ends of the pretzel sticks. To make these gluten free, just use
Snyder's of Hanover, Inc. Pretzel, Sticks, Gf, 8-Ounce (Pack of 6)

Finally, I melted the white chocolate chips and dipped the pretzels in there. After dipping, lay them on a sheet of waxed paper to dry and harden.  (Note about melting white chocolate: it can be tricky to melt but not scorch. Try using a double boiler over low heat. You can also add 1 TBS of shortening to make it smoother. You have to be patient and stir often  - there is no quick way to melt white chocolate!)

While these did not come out exactly as I envisioned, they were recognizable as bones to everyone who saw them! And they were very tasty as well! Melissa enjoyed munching them as we completed science! She even started naming some of the bones.

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  1. I hate melting white chocolate, but this does look like a fun snack :-)

    1. I have had better results by melting it very slowly, with low heat, over a double pot (water in the bottom pot and chocolate in the top one) and also mixing a small amount of shortening in with the chocolate. It doesn't scorch or get overheated or powdery as easily. Hope that helps!

  2. This is AWESOME - I actually have everything on hand right now and we've recently finished studying bones!!


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