Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review: Golden Prairie Press "Countdown to Thanksgiving"

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I have really enjoyed the fresh approach to learning American history through the materials we have used from Golden Prairie Press, especially Heroes & Heroines of the Past: Am. History Curr. . Combine that with my absolute love for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays, and this book was just the perfect solution to keeping our family's focus on thankfulness this season.

It saddens me greatly to see how Thanksgiving has been relegated to a second-rate holiday. Stores jump from 'celebrating' Halloween right into Christmas, and Thanksgiving is quickly becoming 'just' a break for eating and shopping between the two.

Thanksgiving has such a rich history in our nation. Yes, we know it started with the Pilgrims being thankful for their Indian friends, and their survival of the first year in Plymouth, but did you know that many presidents have used this day to proclaim thankfulness to God as a country? President Lincoln issued a famous Thanksgiving Proclamation that insured that the day would always be celebrated as a national holiday.

When I was given the opportunity to review the Countdown to Thanksgiving Ebook from Golden Prairie Press, written by Amy Puetz, I was very excited.

What is Countdown to Thanksgiving? It is a 96 page book written to help families learn about Thanksgiving, and make their celebration of it very meaningful with fun family games, activities, recipes, crafts, and stories.

How does it work? There is a small calendar to print out, to help keep track of the 14 days leading up to Thanksgiving Day. The activities of the book start on whatever calendar day is 14 days before Thanksgiving, and children can keep you on task by checking off each day as you accomplish the tasks and read the story together. Each day has a short historical story about Thanksgiving. Some of them take you all the way back to the Pilgrims, while others take you on a journey throughout American history to meet an average American who celebrated Thanksgiving in a meaningful way. Following the story, each day has a short activity listed. Some days may take a little longer, because there is a recipe or craft to do. Other days may find you singing a song. The days are interchangeable, so by looking ahead, you can plan which activities best fit your family's schedule.

What ages will work for this? The stories and activities are geared for ages 6-14, but this book really is one that the entire family would enjoy doing together.

Not just an ebook: The ebook does have color, but if you prefer the Countdown to Thanksgiving Printed Book it is also available in black and white.

How much does it cost? Both the ebook and printed book sell for $17. There is currently a special for a limited time for $5 off - use the code word THANK.

When does the Countdown begin? If you are using this book, the countdown to Thanksgiving will begin on November 13. Though the book can be started at any time, and the activities also used at any time, it would really build some good memories, and celebrate Thanksgiving in a special way to take the two weeks prior to the day to focus on what Thanksgiving really is all about.

My opinion: I really love this book! It is a fascinating compilation of stories, special recipes, and good ideas. I have my countdown calendar printed off, and the girls are looking forward to starting and celebrating our Countdown to Thanksgiving!

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  1. We reviewed the Countdown too! It was a fun one. :)

  2. Yes we enjoyed it too! :-) She has several other 'countdown' books that I would like to check out.


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