Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Safari Adventure Vacation Bible School

This past August we had the privilege of being involved in VBS at our church. Our family was able to help with planning, preparing, and then working throughout the week.  It was so much fun, and we made great memories. I would like to share some ideas of what was done. Feel free to use them if you ever plan a similar theme.

Our program was called "Safari Adventure" and we based it on traveling to Africa. Our decorating crew really outdid themselves and I am including a whole bunch of pictures of all their neat ideas.

Sign on the front door

When the kids entered, they walked through a cave made of butcher paper rocks.
Front entrance from outside
Spiders on the cave walls
Crates of 'live animals' by the front door

African silhouettes on the walls - made of vinyl table covers, spray paint, and poster board.
African "treasures" in crates

Plenty of jungle scenes....trees made of paper covered pool noodles, and vines made of twisted paper.

Centerpiece was Victoria Falls, made of cardboard and paper 'rocks' and vinyl tablecover waterfalls.

David Livingstone's camp site

"old" African maps

Camp fire wood

paper flowers

A real canoe docked near the camp site

Animal tracks were seen everywhere! (spray painted)

Lots of posters of animal pictures

Another shot of Victoria Falls with the full view of the rocks

Side shot of Victoria Falls

Signs marking rows for the kids to sit in

Another shot of Livingstone's camp site

Easy door decoration made of paper for the little guys class 

Cool decorations for the preschool class

The preschool class also had their own mini waterfall!

Special songs written on giant poster board

Every little corner had something special decorating it.

Snack Area

Cool Snacks 

More snacks

Fearless safari guide leader

Going on a real safari hunt....with BB guns!

Animal print balloons came in handy for many games.

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