Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day of School 2014-2015

This week marked our first day of the new home school year, and I put together a photo journal of the day. This will give you a visual of the first day of school through my eyes....

The night before the first day of school we had a relaxing family bonfire!

Roasting marshmallows!

Woke up to a hummingbird on the feeder outside my window.
Morning devotions - a fitting verse to inspire me to encourage my children in their walk with the Lord this school year.

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

Grade four DVD's
Starting school day one! only 169 more to go......

Melissa's new daily logbook that we are reviewing
Mom's new planner for this year

A blank slate.....

....that quickly gets filled with assignments!

Studying Hebrew history
Decorating our surroundings

Fourth grade history. We will be taking a break midway through to study New York state history.

A heart shaped rock to remind Kelly that mom loves her while she goes about her task list.

Time for a snack!

Apples and "pea" butter

A little instruction from Dave Ramsey....

...and Laura is ready to start investing

Time to start correcting papers again

Where does Language come from anyways?

Work out those Algebra problems Melissa!

Already knew the first assigned memory verse, so Melissa got the first A+ of the year. 

Studying Bible history with Sam Gipp

Following the lesson plan.....

...And working on next weeks plans too!

Arts and crafts time...finally got all the supplies organized in this nice bucket.

Mom's shelf of books.....4th through 12th grade!

Ordering books in from the library

Entering the new spelling lists on Spelling City
Laura's Senior year!

Back to Crock Pot dinners :-)

Hope you enjoyed a stroll through our day!

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