Friday, September 26, 2014

Field Trip Friday: Buffalo Zoo

While this field trip didn't necessarily take place on a Friday....I am linking it to the Field Trip Blog!

Recently the girls took a trip to the Buffalo Zoo. They took over the camera and captured things that caught their eye.

Here, in an unfiltered their favorite animals at the Buffalo Zoo through their eyes!


They were fascinated by the colors and this bird kept playing peek-a-boo.

Hands down - favorite animals: polar bears playing and swimming!

Can you find his eye?

Birds are always a favorite.

And tropical birds are even better!

Swimming capybara

The squirrels come very close to people and don't run away!

Such a neat looking creature! 

Beautiful deer

Picture of the herd
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  1. Very few places have Cappybaras! Have you read Cappyboppy? Thanks for sharing at FTF!

    1. No we haven't read that one. Thanks for mentioning it. We will have to look it up, since the girls were totally enthralled with the Capybara!


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