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Family Game Night for April

Even though we have had a busy few weeks, I am still striving to post Family Game Night every month because there is great value in pausing, taking a deep breath, and spending some time making memories with your family....even when times are busy!

This month's game is another quick one that can be played in a short time. It is perfect for just before bed, or for times in the day when you just need a quick break from life.

Scattergories is a game that utilizes lists of topics, a timer, a die that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet, answer sheets, and a pen. That's it! 

It can be played by as few as 2 people. It can also be played with bigger groups if you make teams. (We have actually done this game with the youth group by making multiple teams of 2-3 players each)

Each player gets a list of topics (anything and everything is listed - food, sports, famous people, etc....), a pen,  and an answer paper. The die is rolled, which gives the chosen letter, and the timer is set. Players then have the space of the timer to go through their list and write items that begin with that letter. For example, if the letter is "C" and the category is "favorite snacks" you might write "cookies". If you were really brilliant, you could earn extra points by writing an answer that contains multiple words starting with the chosen letter, such as "cotton candy" or even "chocolate chip cookies".  

After the round is complete, players compare their answers. If any two or more players thought of the same word and wrote it on their sheet, the word is then canceled and no one gets the point for it. This makes it a challenge to come up with words that are unique! 

Younger players can be teamed up with an older sibling, to make this a game the whole family can enjoy. In our house, younger players are also given the 'job' of supervising the timer, and announcing when "time is up" for everyone. 

Scattergories is a great game for laughs as well, especially when players are trying to come up with words that no one else will guess. A round can be played completely in about ten minutes, which makes this ideal for a quick burst of family fun. 

I have also seen a neat Bible Scattergories version. This one can get pretty tricky when the categories and the chosen letter don't really go together well....especially if you have to think of Bible characters with unique names! 

I highly recommend Scattergories for your next family game night! 

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