Thursday, April 17, 2014

Civil War Era Juvenile Historical Fiction

I have found that my entire family loves to enhance their history lessons with good historical fiction. Entering into the life of a fictional character is a great way to learn what the circumstances and culture of a time period was like.

Recently, my 3rd grader read The Road to Richmond by Robert Byers. It is a Civil War era juvenile historical fiction chapter book that is 99 pages long, published by "By The Way Publications" in 2002.  It has sketches throughout, illustrating the characters of the story.

Although this book is currently out of print, I occasionally have seen it on ebay or We borrowed ours through The Family Vision Library.

Here is the report that my 3rd grader wrote, in her own words, about this book and her opinion of it. Perhaps it will be a book that you can use in your family, as you learn about the Civil War. We definitely recommend it!

The title of my book is "The Road To Richmond". The author is Robert Byers. It is a juvenile historical fiction book that is 99 pages long. 

The main character of this book is Joshua. He is fourteen years old. He wants to fight in the Civil War for his slave friend Terrance's freedom, but his father won't let him, so he runs away to join the Civil War. 

My favorite part of the book is when the war is over and Terrance gets his freedom and Joshua comes home. I like that part because it was neat for the family and the readers to see that God can protect us from evil even though the devil tries to get us down.

I think this is a good book because it is cool how God protected Joshua's father and Joshua in war. I recommend this book to people who like reading about history and the Civil War. 

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