Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blogging Through The Alphabet - M

M is for Multiplication

Our homeschool has four different children with four different learning styles! The youngest is now entering third grade and has begun the daunting task of learning multiplication facts.  I have found that if the multiplication facts are not memorized to mastery, that the children really struggle later on with more intensive arithmetic.

Since getting the multiplication facts memorized is so important, I wanted to share about an amazing resource we use to help cement those elusive "times tables" into our brains here.

At children can play a number of free games that review multiplication fact families in a really entertaining way. These games are fun, quick, and easy. There are not a lot of distractions, just intriguing ways to review facts. The games are always changing and updating to keep them fresh and interesting. A game can usually be played in a few minutes. Best of all, my kids go play them on their own whenever they get 'free computer time.' If I assign them to go play some games....even better! They love it!

The good news is....these games are FREE!

The website also contains a variety of resources for the parent and teacher, including free printable flash cards and free printable tables. If your children like to learn their facts with stories, there is a free resource that has short videos to teach facts in a fun way with a silly story.

The website also contains resources that can be purchased, and has pretty much anything and everything that you could think of to teach multiplication.

I am not affiliated with this website at all, and receive no compensation for promoting it. I am just sharing a resource that has been very helpful in our family as a help to other homeschoolers! I hope your kids will find it as enjoyable and helpful as mine have!

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