Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking Back My Home: A Short Diversion

As you know, I have been participating in Michele's 34 Weeks of Clean Challenge at Family, Faith, and Fridays.  The past two weeks we have been working on bedrooms - cleaning, organizing, and decluttering lots of 'stuff'. The girls have all willingly tackled their own bedrooms, and I have to say I am very impressed with their accomplishments. We have thrown out a lot, given away a lot more, and repurposed several things. We were given a beautiful desk which ended up in Kelly's room as her painting and art station. The girls have been very proud of the new look in their rooms.

Because the girls took over the responsibilities of this week's challenge, it freed me to tackle something that really needed to be done, but was not on Michele's list of challenges yet.  
I sorted through TONS of old school curriculum and materials, and was able to clean out an ENTIRE cabinet! (no pictures what's left is still a work in progress)

Recently I signed up for a free table at a used curriculum fair, and wanted to be sure I had enough sale items on hand to actually fill it. Surprisingly, I ended up with much more than just one table could handle. In fact, I ended up with 12 boxes/totes full! 

While I didn't sell everything, I am now enjoying the fact that it is all organized and boxed up. I plan on donating some and selling the rest online. (Kind of sad to see all the early elementary items going, but now that the youngest is starting 5th grade, it's time to part with them)

I will take the next few weeks, after we finish up the current school year, to organize what's left into the empty space I now have. I love having a spot for everything, and knowing what I have available so I can actually put it to good use!

We also had a big van cleaning project going on. After such a long, harsh winter, this was desperately needed. I'm sure cleaning out the car is coming on Michele's Challenge list, but we couldn't stand it anymore, hence our small diversion from the plan. 

I feel good about all the progress we made as a family this past two weeks - between the bedrooms, the school materials, and the van. I know we still have a lot to accomplish, but I am choosing to savor this progress. 

Join up anytime with the 34 Weeks of Clean Challenge! I am looking forward to taking some giant leaps of progress now that my main home school responsibilities are finished for this school year.

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  1. Great job Erica! Would love to see pictures of the girls rooms! Yes, school stuff and cars are coming- you will be a few steps ahead of us! ;) Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Michele - I would post pics but the girls declined! LOL

  2. Great Job! I've slowly been working on my school shelf and getting it ready for next year. as well.


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