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5 Essential Attitudes in Homeschooling - Day Five: Planning And Priorities

For my final day of this mini-series, I would like to discuss planning and priorities.

As the children grow up and enter the high school years, planning for the future becomes a regular topic of discussion. They also become much more involved with activities and friends outside the home, and start to learn the juggling act that we call adulthood.

I once wrote a post about developing priorities in my own life, and how that helps me make good choices when I am faced with so many wonderful and interesting activities to get involved in. Then I realized that my teens were facing many of the same dilemmas, and struggling to make good choices in their own lives. With so many people in our family having a personality that always wants to GO and DO, I decided we needed some help with figuring out what our priorities should be, and how all those activities should fit into our lives.

This is a list of five areas that we can use to help our teens focus on their priorities and planning. My suggestion would be to have your teen think carefully about these areas of their life, and establish their own written list of what is the priority in their own life. A written list will help them distinguish between good and better choices when they are confronted with life’s options.

    Faith – There is nothing more important than knowing God and developing a good relationship with Him while you are young. That is why this is first on my list. The areas that should be included in this category are:

  •        A personal walk with God through daily devotions, Bible reading, and praying.
  •       Various ministries and volunteer opportunities
  •        Soulwinning, visiting, and fulfilling the Great Commission.

    Family – The home is the first place where children learn to develop relationships. Children should learn ways to work together and problem-solve in their homes, with their siblings. Children also need to honor parents, even while they are seeking their own independence. Teens that are spending more and more time outside the home due to jobs, sports, or other activities sometimes need reminders that family is still a priority!

  •        A place of responsibility. Charity begins at home.
  •        Build strong relationships that will endure the test of time.

     Friends & Fellowship – Friendships are very important to teens. This is a wonderful time to build and develop strong friendships, and to learn good people skills.

  •        Opportunities to minister together with these friends through church, youth group, missions trips, choir, sports, etc.
  •        Be an encouraging friend. Build those around you – don’t tear them down or cause drama.
  •        Keep in touch. Don’t always expect your friends to come to you. Be the one looking to help them when they have a need.

   Finances – Most teens begin an intimate relationship with finances during their teen years. They study about it in school, they earn money through jobs, and they realize how much it takes to buy the ‘stuff’ that they want and need.

  •        Practice Biblical giving of tithes and offerings. Give to foreign missionary works.
  •     Develop a savings plan. Plan for college, cars, and marriage.
  •      Invest in a missions trip.
  •        Learn how to make and stick to a budget.

    Future – These years are all about looking ahead and planning for the future. Teens need lots of prayer together with their parents, as well as guidance in this planning.

  •        Courses to study
  •       College planning
  •        Job training

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  1. Not only wonderful tips for teens, Erica---but for ALL family members! Thank you for sharing these! :)

  2. Very good ones to keep in mind indeed.


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