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Review: Joyce Herzog Educational Dice Games

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I recently learned about Joyce Herzog and the educational support company that she started. She has a number of different educational and Christian based products available for assisting children to learn. Her products span a variety of learning styles and are available for very young learners all the way up to adults - products that would help teachers! Through The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew I was given the opportunity to review the Educational Dice Bag.

The Educational Dice Bag comes in one medium sized zipper bag, with three small bags inside it. Each of the three small bags contains a different set of dice as well as an instructional booklet of ideas and games to play with that set.

These dice are no ordinary dice - they are just about the coolest dice I have ever seen! They are very interesting and my children were intrigued by them the moment we opened the package.

There is one die called a "Deca Die" that has - as you might have guessed - ten sides! There is also a double deca die, that contains a die inside a die!

The games are not all math based. There is also an alphabet die that can be used for spelling games! Our favorite game with the alphabet set was a 'Scrabble' type game that we played over and over.  The 'function' die was probably the most practical, as it gave a lot of extra math practice.

How we used this game: When the regular schoolwork lessons were finished, we could pull out the dice bag for a few rounds of fun games. The children loved playing with these dice, most likely because they are so unique and different than regular dice. We also would take them out at night before bed, if there was some extra time to play a game, but we needed a quick one!  The games are very adaptable and we can pretty much adjust them to how ever much time we have. If I need to fill five minutes, I will make the game winner be "whoever can get to the score of 25 first"! If we have time for a longer round, then we will make the winning score be 100.

Recommended ages: The package says "fun for all ages." I could see how this really could be used for all ages in a family setting, but I do have to say that Kelly probably received the most enjoyment out of these games, and she is in 2nd grade. There were a few game suggestions that were too easy for her, so I feel like these dice could even be used for preschool and kindergarten levels successfully.

Best tip: The instructions give a tip to store the dice in a small plastic container, then use that container to roll them in so you won't be chasing them when you play. This was a great idea!

Alternate use: Because of the small size, and handy zipper storage bag, these are a great item to throw in my purse, and take with us when we are going somewhere that we know will involve waiting time. Playing with these sure beats reading old waiting room magazines or trying to play "I Spy" in the Highlights magazine, when someone has already circled all the items!

How to purchase: This Educational Dice Games Bag sells for $23 and can be purchased at The Joyce Herzog Product Store.

We have really enjoyed using these dice games. They are very creative, and I enjoy that the kids are getting extra math practice when they don't even realize it, because they are just having fun!

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