Monday, March 11, 2013

International Cooking

Last week our church had Missions Conference, and on Friday night, there was an opportunity to get involved in an International Dinner! We picked out some easy recipes from around the world, and the girls really worked hard - cooking and cleaning up!

Enjoy the pictures of our dishes from around the world!

We tried to duplicate the coconut rice that Heather had over in PNG. It tasted ok and had much more sweet coconut flavor then the one she remembers having.

Kelly made a ginger tea that is popular in the Philippines.

Melissa loves France, and she made croissants filled with apples and brie cheese. They were very popular and ended up being one of the first food items that was completely eaten up at the dinner!

Heather made a creative trifle that had the design of the Union Jack on the top. Some of the ingredients didn't work on this one, and she had to improvise at the last minute. It still came out wonderful, and was greatly enjoyed!

Laura helped everyone but ended up entering maple tarts to represent Canada, and "meat on a stick" to represent Cuba. Both were very yummy and very popular at the dinner!

As you can see from the signs that accompany the dishes, at the dinner, our church members tried to represent all the missionaries and countries that our church supports. Our church supports 75+ missionaries, so this was no easy task! It was a fun time for all and everyone, especially all the children, really enjoyed sampling the many dishes and seeing all the colorful and exotic foods!

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  1. Great job girls...... your the best! I want one of Laura's Maple Syrup Tarts - YUMMMY!!!


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