Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Free American History Video

I love a good freebie! This came across my email this morning, so I want to pass it on: A free DVD to teach children the process of how we get our president! This would be a great DVD to watch and discuss together with your children as we are in the thick of presidential elections this month.

It does have a small shipping fee of $3.95 which is well worth it. This video is recommended by HSLDA.

Disclaimer: I just ordered my video this morning so I obviously have not seen it yet, to know how well it is put together, but I wanted to pass the link on quickly in case there is a time limit on how long this DVD is available.

Election Day: Choosing our President

Learn Our History - Take Pride in America's Past

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  1. Great stuff! I will show it later to Josiah. Thanks for the info.


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