Friday, June 12, 2015

Nature Scavenger Hunt

After recently receiving the Field Trip Journal from Apologia to review, we decided to make a fun nature scavenger hunt for the girls.  Our goal was to take some time at a local park and really delve into observing and absorbing nature, then journal about it in our new book.

I looked up some different ideas for outdoor scavenger hunts, and combined them into one list. After adding a few cute graphics, I printed out the list, two to a page, and stapled them to brown paper bags so that the 'scavenger hunters' would have a place to store their treasures as they found them.

It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed investigating nature and basking in God's creation.

Because the girls had so much fun with this, I wanted to share and offer the hunt list in a free pdf file that you can download and use. The bags really made it easy to gather interesting items and share them at the end of our hunt.

FREE download and print your own Scavenger Hunt Pages.

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