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Homeschooling High School Blog Hop

When people find out that we are homeschoolers, most of the questions they ask surround my older children and high schooling. High school can feel intimidating to nearly everyone, but especially to those who want to tackle homeschooling their way through it! 

Every home school parent desires the best preparation and learning environment possible for their child, which is typically their primary motivation for choosing to home school through the last four years of mandatory education. 

What frequently makes this a formidable task though, is the questions that loom, as well as the lack of good information and resources available to support home school high school students and their parents. 

A group of veteran home school moms who have real "in the trenches" experience with moving their children through the high school years has joined forces to provide a rich source of support and information about "Homeschooling High School". I am privileged to be a part of this group! While I often don't think of myself as a homeschooling veteran, the truth is that I have about sixteen years of experience now, and have just graduated my second daughter from our humble little home school. 

My goal, with this series, is to share some of the resources and experience we have picked up along the way, and to give those readers who are entering or planning for their high school home school years some encouragement and support. Homeschooling high school is not as daunting a task as it may first seem! It is very doable, and affords the parent a special opportunity to build a unique relationship with their child that might otherwise not be possible. 

Is homeschooling through high school and graduation for everyone? No, but if you are committed to seeing it through and want to learn more, I highly recommend checking back and reading through the posts on this blog hop. This is a great bunch of ladies, with entertaining blogs. You will be blessed, as I have been, from reading their material.

Homeschooling High School Blog Hop 2015

Starting this month of June and continuing on through the end of the year, each month will focus on a different homeschooling high school topic.  Here is a list of the topics and ideas that will be covered:
  • Planning for High School, including meeting state requirements and record keeping
  • Electives - how to choose and where to find them? How many? 
  • The Hard Subjects - Math and Science and how to teach them successfully if you don't have a math or science background.
  • Language Arts - Why is writing preparation so important and how to make sure your child is well rounded in the arts of language expression.
  • How Do I Get Through This? What to do when the teacher is intimidated and anxious, or the student is unmotivated.
  • How Do I Fit It All In? How to foster independence and be thorough while still focusing on the other homeschoolers in the home. Time management for the high school student.
  • Graduation - When are they done? What is the next step? 

As you can see, by the time this series is done, this will be a wealth of information! Stay tuned and follow along as we blog through the high school years!

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