Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Two Fabulous Last Minute Christmas Gifts

This past year, we completed several reviews that turned into favorites and made our top ten list of reviews. Two of those vendors came out with new products just in time for the holidays...just in case you want to add it to your list! I might or might not have added it to mine! ;-)

The first is the long awaited Brinkman Adventures Season 3. The Brinkman Adventures are audio drama missionary stories featuring a large, adventurous family. This volume includes stories about Bible smugglers, Alaskan glacial hikes, and an escape from a Taliban prison. If you need a refresher about the Brinkmans, read my review from last April.

The Brinkman Adventures CD sells for $25 for a set of 4 CD's, or $17 for an mp3 download. They are also offering free shipping of the CD sets if you purchase for Christmas, through this weekend. 

Also, we raved about Clued In Kids and the fun treasure hunts that we reviewed in October. They came out with a new printable treasure hunt that can easily be downloaded for Christmas. The cost is $5.99 and it comes all ready to be printed and set up. It is called All About Jesus and has a lot of fun filled Christmas activities. 

 If you are still looking for a few last minute gifts, I would highly recommend these!

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