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Obscure Bible Heroes {Blogging Through the Alphabet - Q}

Q is for Quartus

Romans 16:23- "Gaius mine host, and of the whole church, saluteth you. Erastus the chamberlain of the city saluteth you, and Quartus a brother."

Quartus was such an obscure Christian that he is only mentioned once in the entire New Testament, and even that is just a small note in passing. Paul is writing and mentioning several of the 'brothers' that are hosting him and taking care of his needs, and passing on their greetings to the church at Rome. He mentions Quartus only as "a brother".

Now we know that there were many believers that were acquainted with Paul, and that were in these New Testament churches. It is special to be named in the Bible, even if it was only a small mention. Not everyone can be a Paul or a Peter. Actually, while the church only has a handful of leaders, there are a whole bunch of faithful men and women who work and serve faithfully without ever receiving any recognition. No one but God knows their names, identities, or personalities. No one but God sees what they do to keep things running smoothly. They are just in their place at the right time, and serving out of a heart of love.

I imagine Quartus to be this kind of person. He has a 'Roman' sounding name. Perhaps he left Rome and traveled with Paul, or maybe he was uprooted from his home and moved somewhere else, and was sending a good word back to those he missed. All we do know is that he is a 'brother'.

The life of Quartus, and the very brief mention of him in the Bible, inspires me to be in my place, doing what the Lord has called me to do, whether anyone sees or not. Obviously the work of Quartus was enough that God chose to mention him in Scripture. God recognized his faithfulness, and I'm sure at the Judgment Seat of Christ it will be rewarded. God has called me to a work as well. It is enough if I am just known as a "sister in Christ" and can be available for God to use to perhaps say an encouraging word or lend a helping hand whenever the Lord would have need for a sister to do so.

God tells us that those things which are done in secret will be rewarded openly. Like Quartus, I want to be faithful in every task that the Lord has given, and may my labors put a smile on the face of my Lord! 

Matthew 6:4b - "and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly."

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  1. That is interesting. It is always interesting some of the people that Paul mentions.

    1. Yes, I have learned so much just thinking about some of these early Christians!


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