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Obscure Bible Heroes {Blogging Through the Alphabet - N}

N is for Noah's Wife

Genesis 7:7 "And Noah went in, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons' wives with him, into the ark, because of the waters of the flood."

The hero that I picked for this week is someone so obscure that her name isn't even mentioned in the Bible! There is only a slight mention of her, in passing. Surely we can see from the evidence of what is written about her family, though, what a special lady she must have been!

I am talking about Noah's wife. We all know Noah. Even pagan cultures around the world have generational stories about a man who built a boat to save all the animals from a worldwide flood. Noah is mentioned many times in Scripture - about how wicked the world was at the time he was alive, and how he was righteous and found favor with God. We can attest to his great faith, and how he followed up that faith with his actions. God used him greatly to save the animals when the earth was destroyed, and used his family to begin the re population of the earth following the flood. Very little is mentioned about his wife, or his sons' wives, though, so most of this post is my own personal speculation.

I would like all the ladies reading this to put themselves in the shoes of Noah's wife. Imagine one day that your husband comes home from his morning walk and prayer time, and tells you that it's going to rain (something that had never happened before up until this point) and that all the earth and people on it will be destroyed. He tells you that God is going to save your family don't worry! At this point, I am the type of lady who would be quite worried and want to know exactly what the plan was! I can almost picture my husband telling me not to worry....that everything was going to work out just fine! 

Next your husband mentions that God Himself gave him plans and specs to build a huge boat. Most wives would then be worrying about the finances and the means of gathering all those supplies! And lastly, he adds in the tiny detail about the animals....oh and... we are also bringing two of all the animals, and seven of certain species, onto this boat with us! So her next thought would logically turn to feeding all of these creatures!

The Bible doesn't tell us if she agreed or disagreed, or even what she thought of the plan! Perhaps she thought it was ludicrous, or perhaps she wholeheartedly embraced it and immediately began helping with preparations. The important thing that we do know is that in the end, her and her sons, along with their wives, were all a part of the salvation. They were all included on the Ark. I can't help but think of the great influence that mothers have on their children. If her attitude was skeptical or discouraging, I don't think her sons and daughters-in-law would have also been members of the group that believed and entered the Ark. Too often I have seen a critical mother turn her children away from the things of God. It is important to note that she did not do this. All her family were saved, and she must have had a part in influencing them for good in this matter.

From the very obscure life of Noah's wife, I take away some great inspiration and lessons for my own life as a wife and mother. 

Like Noah's wife, I want to support my husband in the vision that God gives him. I want to do my best to help see the plan accomplished, and do whatever it takes to gather provisions or supplies for the journey. I want to keep a positive and encouraging spirit, so that my children will also join up in the endeavor and be committed to helping with whatever ministry God entrusts our family with. In the end, I hope to see something great accomplished through our small family, and I certainly don't need any of the credit. It will be enough to just be known as "the wife". 

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  1. The fact that they all went into the ark and were saved from the flood testifies of their love for God and that they all lived out their faith in their daily walk, which is why they were the only family to be saved. Says a lot for Noah and his wife, not only for their personal relationship with God, but also in how they brought up their boys to have a reverent fear of God in their lives too. Great role models for us!


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