Thursday, October 10, 2013

American Girl History: Field Trip

We had the privilege to go to Genesee Country Village recently for a field trip. What made this field trip so significant was that it came right in the middle of our study of "Felicity" and Colonial America. This was the perfect opportunity to spend a gorgeous Fall day seeing firsthand many of the things we have been learning about.

Genesee Country Village and Museum is an actual "town" made up of shops and people dressed in authentic outfits, interacting with visitors and performing in their selected roles. It is one of the largest living history museums in the US. The buildings are separated into sections on the property, showcasing different periods of American history. Many of the buildings and things to see there were actual historical places that were purchased and moved to the property. Nearly everything is authentic to the time period in history that it represents.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Lovely Fall Day!

Mid 1800's era General Store

 General Store - the goods here represent the influx of goods that came to the New York frontier thanks to the opening of the Erie Canal.
Ladies walking down the street enjoying the beautiful day.

 A doctor's office in the 1800's.
 More living history re-enactors out for a walk.
 An 1800's law office.
 Cobbler Shop
 Loved this simple country church from the mid-1800's.
 The organ inside the church.
 Beautiful home!
 This represented a wealthy politician's home.
 The wealthy had full time cooks working in the kitchen!
 Quarantined from scarlet fever! The kids had a hard time understanding how people used to have to stay shut up in their homes when sick, to prevent the spread of disease.
 The tinsmith showing his crafts.
 A fancy dining room - mid 1800's.
 Primitive kitchen!
 Here's an old fashioned desk! I don't think I would care to sit at that for hours doing my work!
 Quilt making for an anti-slavery rally. Civil War era.
 There's an old fashioned butter churn!
 Basic pantry in the early 1800's.
 Cooking dinner in the farm house kitchen in the 1800's
 Fresh biscuits and homemade butter!
 Pottery Shop
 Old fashioned baby cradle of the very early 1800's.
 The front of an indoor beehive oven. A fire would be built deep inside the square area. When it got very hot inside the stone, the ashes would be scraped out, and the bread dough put in to bake.
 The back of that same oven. Notice the big round 'oven' part.
 Pen and ink and important documents.
 Weaving loom
 Clothes of colonial times
A replica of an early buckboard
 Children's clothing

 A "step down" stove - considered quite modern when it first came out!
Beautiful grounds and gardens, especially in fall.

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