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American Girl History: Colonial Era & Revolutionary War Resources

This school year we are studying American History, and incorporating the American Girl dolls into our studies, to make it fun and relevant. There is SO much good material out there, and it has been a lot of fun putting it all together.

Here is a list of resources that can be used with Felicity.
(Note: most of the links here are my Amazon Affiliate links. Please use them if you wish to purchase, as it will help my blog! I would suggest checking your local library system before purchasing though, as that is how we obtained most of these resources.) 
We used Felicity's story to study the Colonial Era and the Revolutionary War in September, and added much literature-rich reading and studying to the mix, to make a complete course.

We are loosely following the curriculum plan in:
Portraits of American Girlhood

Felicity - An American Girl Adventure
Sybil Luddington: The Female Paul Revere

General books:

Life as a Colonist (Great book full of teaching and worksheets)
Welcome to Felicitys World 1774 Growing Up in Colonial America 1999 publication.
Felicity Boxed Set with Game (American Girl)
American Biographies: George Washington
Betsy Ross : Designer of Our Flag

For Hands-On Activities:

Felicity's Cookbook: A Peek at Dining in the Past with Meals You Can Cook Today (American Girls Collection)
Felicity's Craft Book: A Look at Crafts from the Past with Projects You Can Make Today (The American Girls Collection. American Girls Pastimes)

Integration with other subjects:

(Science - Learning about colonial medicine, and how various plants and herbal remedies were used and sold at the Apothecary shop)

Science in Colonial America (Science of the Past)
Grow It, Heal It: Natural and Effective Herbal Remedies from Your Garden or Windowsill
Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants: 2nd Edition

(Music - tin whistle tunes)

Tin Whistle Tune Book, Pocketbook Deluxe Series
American Songs Of Revolutionary Times... (Laserlight) (This is a CD with authentic era songs)
Clarke Celtic Tin Whistle - D (We purchased an inexpensive tin whistle and had fun re-creating some of the songs on the CD!)

Incorporating Historical Documents into the study:
We used the following books to make sure our study included significant historical figures and facts.

We Hold These Truths...: And Other Words that Made America
The Signers: The 56 Stories Behind the Declaration of Independence

Interesting Side Notes:
We looked into clothing and furniture of the Colonial Era, to see how it differed from what we are familiar with today:

What Clothes Reveal: The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America
Clothing through American History: The Federal Era through Antebellum, 1786-1860
American Furniture: The Federal Period in the Henry Francis Du Pont Winterthur Museum (Winterthur Book)
Southern Furniture 1680-1830: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection (Williamsburg Decorative Arts Series)

Fun Additions: (historical fiction books)

Caesar's Story, 1759
Maria's Story, 1773
Nancy's Story, 1765

Online Activities:

Felicity Games & Activities on the American Girl Website
Colonial Williamsburg for Kids Website - Interactive tour and games

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