Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sneak Preview to an Epic Homeschooling Blog Tour!

Summer Blog Hop
Next week....Monday through Friday - August 5-9
My blog will be part of a huge (and I mean HUGE) blog roundup of veteran homeschool moms, with a collective experience of hundreds of years of homeschooling, all writing about a different aspect of homeschooling - something they might consider their 'area of expertise'.
I am thrilled to be a part of this, and can't wait to read the posts. Each morning will open a new series of posts. You can find out which blog topics are of particular interest, and get fresh ideas each morning, as you prepare for the upcoming school year. Be sure to bookmark the anchor post so that you can come back and visit the various blogs as time allows, and gather ideas for your homeschool and family.
Sneak preview....what will I be writing about next week?
I decided to write about something that has been a challenge for our family, and some of the ways we have adapted to overcome that challenge. The topic is.....breakfast!
Breakfast??? know....the 'most important meal of the day'!!
Often I find that mornings are hectic. We are trying to get schoolwork started, get dad out the door, or a number of other chaotic things that might be going on, and if the kids don't get a good breakfast they really struggle mid-morning with their schoolwork. I want them to start their day right with a healthy balance of protein and carbs. I want them to be full so they can get a few good hours of work in before they are 'starving to death'! Healthy fuel in the morning is very important. It can also be very difficult to manage in a short period of time. Compounding the difficulty is the wide range of food allergies in our house, which makes 'easy' food preparation a near impossibility!
That is why I have come up with 5 days of Easy Breakfast Ideas! I hope it will be a help to you, as it has to our family. Each day will have a tried and true recipe to inspire your culinary creativity and hopefully help you feed your family and get them moving in the morning, to start your day off right! An added bonus will be allergy friendly alternatives to each of the daily options.
Be sure to stop back next week!

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