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Review: Knowledge Quest - The Complete Sacagawea Saga

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We love history and we love books, so it was a pleasure to review the complete Sacagawea Saga from Knowledge Quest for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.

The Sacagawea Saga is recommended for ages 10 and up. It is an historical fiction novel e-book that is 112 pages and 16 chapters long. It has a middle school reading level. When you click here you will be taken to Knowledge Quest's website, where there is a link to purchase the entire book (4 parts) from Amazon for $4.97.  It is downloadable to a Kindle.

We received the book as a downloadable e-book, and read the entire book on our computer.

 photo SacagaweaBook_zps004a015c.jpgThe story starts when Sacagawea was just a little girl, and progresses through her kidnapping, life with her captors, marriage to Charbonneau, and finally as a guide to the famous Lewis and Clark expedition that she is best known for. This e-book is a 'living book' meaning every unfamiliar word and term is highlighted and linked to an explanation. There were many words that were Indian names for various objects. It made it very easy to know what it was the book was discussing, just by clicking the linked word and seeing an explanation pop up. It was also fascinating to see all the extras, such as dugout canoes, animal tracks, and photos that came up and added a richness to the story.

I read this book first, and shared parts of it with the girls. They have not read the entire book through from beginning to end. There were a few areas in the book that I thought might be a little intense for the younger girls, because they are very sensitive in that way. The book is well written and vivid, and portrays a lot of details of Sacagawea's life - both the pleasant and not-so-pleasant ones. I would have no problem with my teens reading it on their own though, because there was nothing inappropriate and tough situations were handled delicately.

This book is not an exhaustive study on Sacagawea. What it does is make her story come alive, and transports you as a reader to the time when she was alive, giving you a vivid glimpse into her life.  It would make a great, enjoyable extra reading book to go along with a study of the American Age of Exploration. Some of the details of her life make much more sense now after reading how various scenarios played out through this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found it captivating and hard to put down, and read it in a short time. The girls have enjoyed the book as well, and I look forward to using it even more as they study through that particular time in history!

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