Monday, February 18, 2013

A President's Day Trip Down Memory Lane - Ronald Reagan

Looking back on my childhood, I first remember becoming aware of the "bigger picture" of our nation and it's president during the presidential election of 1980. I was in 2nd grade - the age that Kelly is now. The presidential election was discussed at school and they had a "mock election". I had no idea what the difference was between a Republican and a Democrat at that time, but remember a statement that was made by a teacher that made me think that Jimmy Carter must be the ideal choice to vote for.

As we all know, Reagan won that election, and as I "grew up" with Ronald Reagan as my president, from about age 7 to age 15, I became much more aware of the issues and formed some very deep opinions on most of them, as a teenager will. I clearly remember the day when an assassination attempt was made and Reagan was shot at, and I remember being so worried when he was in the hospital.

Of course, hindsight is always 20/20 and we can now look back and see what a smart man, great leader, and eloquent president Ronald Reagan really was. At the time, he was very much underappreciated, I think. But especially now, looking at the depths that the leadership of this country has stooped to, it makes me long for those days of President Reagan, when Christian and American values were held in high esteem in our society.

Recently my husband sent me this video collage, and really...just hearing Reagan's soothing voice took me back to a place in my youth. Young people of today find it hard to believe that not that long ago, Christian values and virtues were extolled at the highest level in this land. I think this video should be shared and citizens should be reminded of what made this beloved nation great.

As far as I'm concerned, Ronald Reagan stands out as one of the most eloquent speakers and strongest leaders in my lifetime. By far, I think he was one of the best presidents our nation has had.


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  1. I don't remember Reagan, but I know my parents thought the very best of him and I think still think he was the best President our country has had! Great post!


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