Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Time is it in __________?

Since two very special people are currently absent from the family, on a missions trip to the other side of the world, the remaining children and I have been talking a lot about time zones, travel, and exactly how it is that daylight makes it's way all over the world!

It's so interesting to note that it is already tomorrow on the other side of the world!

My world travelers completely skipped a day last week, because of traveling east to west and crossing the International Date Line. When they departed the US it was Monday, and when they arrived in Australia, it was Wednesday!

Coming home will be even more interesting because they depart Australia early Saturday morning, and arrive home on Saturday evening here in New York, after traveling for over 30 hours!!!  That will be the longest day they will ever experience....literally!

My husband and oldest daughter are experiencing life in the "bush" of Papua, New Guinea, and from the pictures they are sending back, it looks as though they are enjoying every bit of it.

I wanted to post and share a really neat website we found, World Time Zone and have been using, to instantly know what time it is where they are, without having to do mental math calculations!

This website works with all time zones, anywhere in the world! You just click on the area you are studying or wondering about, and a current time will be shown. This would be great for any types of studies or discussions about faraway places, or when praying for missionaries. Also, there are options on the site to show the time in 12 hour or 24 hour format, which is very helpful.

Some other unique things we found on the site were a call planner (so you won't be calling your long distance international friends in the middle of the night!), a sun clock, and lists of cities along with Daylight Savings Time information. (Not everyone follows it!)

Current location (Papua, New Guinea) that we have been keeping a close eye on!

Next time your lessons involve a far away place, take a moment to click this link. I hope your children are as fascinated as mine were about discovering what time it is all over the world!

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