Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Favorite Stories to Listen To

The girls absolutely love "Patch the Pirate" and listen to the stories over and over again! They sing the songs, and have most of the lines memorized. I like the stories because each CD emphasizes a different character trait, and uses a fun story to reinforce the lesson!

The newest Patch CD is "Kingdom Chronicles" which the girls received for Christmas. My favorites have always been the older ones, and I haven't been real thrilled with a few of the newer ones, but I have to say that this one really caught and held my interest, and is very enjoyable. One thing about the CD's is that even though they are geared towards a juvenile audience, there are enough subtle jokes and puns in there for the adults to catch and get a good chuckle from too!

The newest Patch the Pirate CD story

"Kingdom Chronicles" tells the adventure of a young knight growing up and learning how to handle responsibility, while trusting the Lord. It's a great story, and we were all hanging on the edge of our seats in the car while listening to it, waiting to see what would happen next.
Each of the CD's is about an hour long, so they are great for longer road trips in the car too.
The Misterslippi River Race is my all-time favorite Patch the Pirate adventure!

We are learning from experience that the Patch the Pirate adventures also make great story lines for group plays and dramas. For several years now, the girls have been involved in a group that puts on a play every spring, and they have been able to be in several plays now. Last year, the play was based on the "Villain of Venice" and all the girls were involved, either with a speaking part or with singing in the choir. The great thing about doing one of these stories as a play, is that the cast can listen to their lines over and over again, just by listening to the CD! This makes it very easy to memorize the lines, as well as getting down the right emotion, voice inflection, accent, and emphasis when saying lines.
Melissa playing the part of "Sissy Seagull"

I'm very thankful that there are such talented people out there making merchandise available that is not only entertaining but also has great value as character training for my children!
I am not affiliated with Majesty Music or Patch the Pirate in any way - just a mom that enjoys their material and wants to pass the word on to others who are looking for enriching multimedia entertainment for their families.

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