Saturday, December 12, 2015

Parenting With Godly Purpose: Fellowship

When we hear the word FELLOWSHIP, especially in a church setting, how often do we picture a potluck dinner or cake and coffee after the service? Is this what fellowship has been reduced to? Is it just a time to sit and eat together, or is it so much more than that?

When I think of fellowship, I think of people with mutual interests and goals getting together to accomplish a task, which is exactly why I think fellowship between parents and children is such an important activity!

Fellowship is a companionship or sharing of friendliness. When people work together on a project to meet a goal they not only accomplish jobs, but they can have a great time doing it. Parents and children working together serves several purposes:

  1. Building character through showing the child how to do a task.
  2. Learning about each other.
  3. Having time to talk.
  4. Building memories.
  5. Giving your child a sense of purpose and belonging - of being on a team. 
Sometimes fellowship with family members requires some creativity. Busy schedules hinder fellowship. A lack of patience may suggest that it's easier to just do a job by yourself while the children run off and entertain themselves. But fellowship is a worthwhile investment in the relationship between parents and children. Look for ways to be together, and do things! Sometimes it may be a fun job while other times it may be a tedious task that just has to get done. Either way, your child will be learning valuable lessons by watching their parents work hard, and working alongside them.

The ministry is a great place to have fellowship with your children! 

There are plenty of ministries or volunteer opportunities available for parents and children to fellowship together. Working in a ministry together can be one of the most rewarding times of fellowship and building of memories that children can experience. Not only are they learning more about loving the Lord and caring for others, but they are giving rather than taking, which is a great lesson for children. It helps children to be more thankful when they see others in need. 

As a family in the ministry, some of our children's best memories surround times when they have accompanied their pastor-dad on various activities, visiting and helping people, I believe it has helped them to have a more tender heart towards those who are hurting. It has definitely made them more willing to help others. We have been blessed to have some wonderful opportunities for fellowship with our children, especially in areas of service.

Choose something that interests your family, and look for an opportunity to serve and fellowship together. It will strengthen and help your family's bond to grow strong!

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