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Review: Brinkman Adventures Season Three

Audio adventure CD's from Brinkman Adventures have become a favorite in our family. The stories are woven into the fabric of our family life in a very real way. Our whole family absolutely LOVES listening to them over and over, and discussing them. We were thrilled to review the latest series, The Brinkman Adventures: Season Three as soon as it was available!

We were first introduced to the Brinkman's when we reviewed Season Two last year. My kids were immediately hooked, and I loved the wholesome and inspiring stories. We are big fans of audio drama and these stories were interesting because they are based on real life missionaries and events. After reviewing Season Two, we immediately purchased Season One, and the kids began stalking the website for Season Three.

About the Brinkmans: The entire family collaborates on writing, editing, and performing the episodes. They are a large family with a heart for missions, and are seeking to teach children about the wonderful ways God is working in missions today in our world. While they are busy doing God's work, they show a fun and delightful family life, and weave in plenty of values and character training lessons into the stories.

About this CD set: The Season Three set contains four CD's with about five hours of listening time. The CD's come in a nice case which is great for storage, but also makes it ideal for gift giving.

About the stories: In Season Three, part of the Brinkman family travels to Alaska for quite the adventure when a casual trip turns into a life-saving experience. There are also stories about the work of Steve Saint (son of martyr Nate Saint) and the work with the Waodani Indians in Ecuador. A fictional country (to protect the real work that is currently ongoing) is the setting for a Bible smuggler, and a young girl overcomes her fears and inhibitions to accomplish a great project for others.  A church and children's ministry in Hong Kong and Bible translation work for a secluded tribe round out the adventures.

Extras on the website: There is a page on the Brinkman Adventures website that includes fun stuff to help children understand the background of the stories on the CD. There are videos and information about the people, cultures, and countries that are mentioned, which really help the children to understand all that is going on in the story. There are also free printable coloring pages that correspond to the various stories. The children greatly enjoy going onto this page and reading about the episodes to find out what part is fictional and what is fact. They have been surprised and delighted to read how much of the Brinkman stories are actual events that have occurred!

Our favorite story: I have to say that we all were thrilled and delighted with Tomas the Bible smuggler (God's mule). We listened with intensity as he was disowned by his father for choosing to leave his college training to serve the Lord, and we held our breath when we were afraid he would be caught with the Bibles that are considered contraband in the country he was entering. In the end, we cheered when we learned of his father's salvation.

Character building: I found the story of Evylin (the silent ambassador) and her Operation Christmas Child shoebox project to be inspiring. I felt that it showed how God can help anyone who is willing to overcome their fears and inhibitions, and do something great. Also, it was a real life example of God blessing a person who is diligent in their daily life, and opening doors for them to travel and do things they never imagined. This story was a great help to my girls, who sometimes are hindered by their own fears and shortcomings, to see how God can use them.

Final Recommendation: Once again, I highly recommend The Brinkman Adventures for families and especially for children who enjoy audio drama and love missions!

It is great fun to keep up with the Brinkman's on Facebook!

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