Friday, September 25, 2015

Natural Root Beer {THM Friendly}

Here is a suggestion for a natural Root Beer beverage if you are looking to skip all the chemicals, sugar and corn syrup. Since this uses just mineral water and flavored stevia, it is also a great addition to a sugar free or diabetic diet.

16 oz mineral water
Sweet Drops Root Beer flavored liquid Stevia
Sweet Drops Vanilla Creme flavored liquid Stevia

This is my favorite mineral water to use. I think it has the best taste, and it is also usually the cheapest one at my grocery store!

Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops can be purchased through Amazon or your local health food store.

Use chilled mineral water for best taste!

I add 10 drops of root beer flavor and 5 drops of vanilla creme flavor to my mineral water. I don't like a strong taste, just enough to remind me of root beer.  You may have to experiment with the amount you add to make the flavor just right for your own tastes.

This is a delicious beverage, and a nice alternative to water for those days when you are looking for something 'sweet' to drink. Since stevia is plant based, and the flavorings are all natural, you also avoid doing harm to your body with sugar and chemicals.


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