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Review: Trident Case for iPad 2/3/4

Modern technology definitely has its benefits, and I have to admit that the iPad is one of the neatest things I have been privileged to try out. It's a great size, is able to do just about everything that I need, and is very portable and convenient.

My biggest fear with using it, or allowing the girls to use it, is that if it drops and breaks, we cannot afford to replace it, so it is in my best interest to make sure it is protected and safe! We recently had the opportunity to review the Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4 from Trident Case. 

When the case first arrived in the mail, we removed the iPad from the case we were using, and quickly assembled the Trident case. The only feature I liked about our prior case was that it had a built in stand. Other than that, it felt flimsy and the cover was constantly flopping around when not in use, getting in the way of picture and video taking.

This new Trident case, on the other hand, was lightweight, durable, rugged, and made some pretty lofty promises about offering military grade protection for our electronic device. Here, from the website, are the features offered by the iPad case:

While the packaging came with directions and initially looked a bit intimidating, my teenager was able to completely assemble the case in under 10 minutes, after looking over the directions. As you can see from the picture below, the case comes in three separate pieces, including an inside silicone layer that encases the device and functions as a shock absorber if (or should I when) it is dropped. This silicone layer is available in a wide variety of fun colors.

The silicone layer also has covers for all the ports and plug-ins, as well as covers for all the control buttons. The port covers open and close smoothly, and are easily accessible when needed, whether to plug in headphones or charge the device.

The outside layer consists of a hard black plastic front and back cover that has openings in all the right places for the silicone port covers, as well as the silicone hand grips.

The whole thing locks together tightly, sealing the iPad in, and making one solid handheld device with nothing "sticking out" that could get caught. One really neat feature is the front cover, which has a tight touch screen cover, protecting the screen on your device. I have to admit that I was skeptical that the device would function as efficiently with the screen cover in place, but we have not had one issue at all with it. It has worked like a charm.

The company has several claims - one of which is that the Trident Case can sustain a blow from an aluminum baseball bat and still protect the iPad inside. While I certainly didn't feel the need to test out this theory for my review, you can watch a video of a Trident employee testing it out:

The worst thing we dished out on this Trident case was one accidental drop of the iPad. After my heart skipped a beat, I picked it up and turned out it on, and found it that it functioned as if nothing ever happened! That was plenty of 'testing' for me. Maybe I'll just plan on leaving the rest of the tests up to the guys on Myth Busters!

As I mentioned, the only feature I really liked on my previous case was the stand. At first I was really disappointed about missing that on this case, until I realized that I can purchase an attachable tablet stand for $19.95. I will be ordering that very soon.

How much does it cost? Trident is currently selling this iPad case for $69.95 with free shipping to US and Canada. It is available in 8 color choices.

Who can use this? The Trident Case is a good universal fit for all ages. If you have a child who uses any electronic devices, you should be very interested in protecting those devices with a Trident Case.

My final recommendation? I absolutely LOVE this case. It gives me confidence that the iPad will stay safe when the kids are dragging it around the house and car. It allows me to give them a little more liberty in using it. Thank you, Trident Case, for blessing our family with an iPad case - we have really enjoyed using it.

Best of all - Trident cases are Made in the USA!

Trident doesn't just make iPad cases - they have a whole lineup of cases for smartphones and tablets, in a wide variety of colors and designs. To see what other Review Crew members tried out, click the banner below:

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