Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Give Up Your Small Ambitions"

That is the title of the book that we just finished reading. One of my kids hijacked my blog and wrote today's post - a critical book review of the book "Give Up Your Small Ambitions" by Michael Griffiths.

Give up your small ambitions, {An affiliate link to Amazon - the book is available for as low as $1.49)

Mr. Michael C. Griffiths explains what he believes to be the qualities of modern missionaries in his informational book Give Up Your Small Ambitions.  Griffiths uses examples from both personal experience and the Bible to explain a "missionaries' life", and how to get started on a life dedicated to foreign missions. 

The author sums up his work by giving a charge to the reader to be open to the idea of missions.

Personal Notes: I felt the book was often repetitive.The writing was at a very deep level for a high schooler. On the other hand, the author covered so many ideas and systematically gave every reason why God calls everyone into a ministry of missions no matter where you are located. The book is very challenging and compelling. 

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