Monday, September 23, 2013

Apologia Anatomy & Physiology: Unit One - DNA Model

While learning about DNA we found a very interesting project complete with free downloadable pdf's that had instructions and age-appropriate instruction about DNA. It was very easy to understand.

After downloading and reading the material, we set out to build a model DNA strand. Melissa enjoyed twisting it into a double helix formation. In fact, I think she thought it was pretty neat that she could say double helix and actually know what it meant enough to explain it!

This one didn't seem as scientific I guess, because she had no problem at all with eating this project once it was complete!!

After reading through the materials and discussing DNA, we assembled supplies. While the project calls for 4 shades of colored marshmallows, we ended up substituting gumdrops, because that was much easier to find in the store.

We followed the given sequence:

Sequence 2: T G G T T T A G A A T T
This demonstrated that DNA chemical bases always follow a distinct pattern.
Melissa was amazed at how orderly DNA is, and how big it is too! There is a lot of DNA packed into a very small area of cells. Another thing that really struck her was how quickly it can copy itself.
Once again, you can visit the Genetics site of the University of Utah for a free DNA lesson as well as printouts for this project, by clicking here: Have Your DNA and Eat It Too
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